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Rose Fulton (15)

Editor, Illustrator, Journalist, Graphic Designer, Photographer

I am home educated and a keen naturalist. I have always loved nature and would like to pursue a career in zoology when I am older. I particularly enjoy birdwatching and woodland walks.

Megan George (12)

Photographer, Journalist

I am a young naturalist living on a farm in the beautiful countryside of Carmarthenshire. I love photography and watching wildlife and particularly birds.

Megan George.jpg
George Fulton.png

George Fulton (11)

Illustrator, Photographer, Journalist, Puzzle-master

I love entomology and aquatic life. I would like to work in conservation. I have my own museum with lots of natural history exhibits. I love drawing and creating things. I am currently trying to grow my own foods and tropical plants.

Libby Greenhill (14)

Writer, Poet, Journalist, Web Designer

I am an enthusiastic naturalist who loves going on walks through the woods and spending time with my pets. I have always loved writing and have started writing more stories and poetry about nature.

Libby Greenhill.JPG


Writer, Journalist, Photographer

I love nature and capturing its beauty through art, stories, poems and articles. I enjoy finding out about all of the incredible species that are out there and why they do the things they do.

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