About Us

The Green Fuse Magazine is a quarterly magazine created during the 2020 pandemic by four, nature enthusiastic, home educated children.

Rose Fulton

Editor / Illustrator / Contributor / Photographer

I am Rose Fulton. I am twelve years old and I am a keen naturalist. I have always loved nature and have recently become interested in meteorology. I particularly enjoy birdwatching and woodland walks.

Megan George

Co-editor / Photographer

Hi, I'm Megan George, age 10 and a young naturalist living on a farm in the beautiful countryside of Carmarthenshire.

I love photographing and watching wildlife and nature, particularly birds, but my favorite animal has to be my pet sheep Daisy.

George Rover

Co-editor / Web designer

I'm George Rover, age 14.

I live in the countryside of south-west wales and love spending time at our river. I own chickens, a Turtle, an axolotl and loads of shrimp. I play Ukulele and Piano and love to read.

I also made this website and am one of the co-editors of The Green Fuse Magazine.

George Fulton

Journalist / Contributor

I am George Fulton. I am Ten years old. I love aquatic life. I like birds and would like to work in conservation when I am older. I have my own museum with lots of natural history exhibits.  I love drawing and creating things.

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